Welcome in Journiac

In the rolling countryside of the Prigord Noir, Journiac is situated in the heart of the DORDOGNE, in the Vzre valley, land of 1001 Chteaux ; truffles, foie gras and other palatable delights make it also a centre for all gastronomes.
The surface of JOURNIAC is 1888 ha, with a population of more than 450 journiacois.
The village lies in a green valley surrounded by gently rolling hills, between which a stream flows and since Roman times has helped 5 mills to produce flour, walnut oil and cider.
Many trails criss cross the countryside, these can be explored by foot, bike or horseback. You can appreciate the traditional architecture of many old houses and the pleasure of chatting to many farmers.
You will find also quality accommodation in local chambres dhtes or gites.


© Photo Nick Barrington

Situated at equal distance from Prigueux, Sarlat and Bergerac, Journiac is also close to important centres such as the National Museum of Prhistory in Les Eyzies, Lascaux caves in Montignac, the castles of Beynac and Castlenaud and the medieval/Renaissance heart of the town of Sarlat.
Close to Journiac less well known sites but just as interesting will help you discover the prehistoric and historic past of the Prigord, making it a great destination for cultural and familial tourism. Cave amateurs will be spoiled and will be able to visit the cave of Bara Bahau (in Le Bugue), the cavern of the Sorcerer (in Saint Cirq), Font de Gaume (in Les Eyzies), in Rouffignac, etc. and the natural beauty of the caves of Proumeyssac in Audrix.
It is impossible to cite all the merits of the Dordogne but your hosts will be happy to offer information about all there is around.
And of course do not forget to visit the Office du Tourisme Lascaux Dordogne, Valle Vzre web site.

How to come?

Journiac is situated in the triangle Prigueux Bergerac Sarlat.
Should you come by plane, Bergerac airport, Roumanires, is 33 km away, Prigueux airport, Bassillac, is 35 km away, Brive airport, Valle de la Dordogne, 120 km away and Bordeaux airport, Mrignac, is 160 km away.
By train, stop at the station of Le Bugue or Le Buisson.